Why research in IVF is important?

I would like to start this blog by answering an easy question: Why? I asked Dr. Kumar why it’s important to make research on surrogacy, this is his response:

“All too often, we wait for others to forward our cause. We forget that it is our responsibility to advance our own culture and ideas that are important to us. As a medical professional I use research conducted by others to determine the best medical treatment for my patients. It is my responsibility to add to the body of research as well . I think it is our responsibility, those who are specialized in thirty party reproduction providing treatment for gay men all over the world to help have a baby, to be able to tell the world about what kind of experience it is for the intended parents, for the surrogates, for everyone as a whole. Surrogacy as it was practiced in other countries was unsavory. In the United States, altruism is a key part of surrogacy. So it is our duty to shed light on this subject.

There are a series of social platforms that are available. The main idea is to share the knowledge on surrogacy, 3rd party reproductive, family configurations & showing the ongoing research. Commonly, this kind of scientific knowledge is only available through scientific articles (not easy to find), academic texts, and so on. As researchers we have the responsibility to share the knowledge at different levels, not just within the academia. Have a look of our pages below.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WFI-Research-1919094151683982/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wfiresearch/

The social platforms have been created recently, but they will be heavily planned with information, articles, photos, videos, and so on.

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