Sonia, a 3rd Party Coordinator: A Liaison Between Different Subjects

Sonia is the first employee of Western Fertility Institute that I have interviewed. I entered her office while she was filling out some documents for a gay couple. With 20 years of experience in the medical field, she mentioned she did not have any idea the extent the fertility industry had grown and the number of people that were becoming a part of it.

Sonia is currently a 3rd party coordinator at the Western Fertility Institute.
As a coordinator, Sonia wears many hats. She works with a vast variety of different people including, intended parent(s), egg donor and surrogates. She doesn’t just interact with them, she becomes the liaison between different figures within and out of WFI.  

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She follows and takes care about different aspects of the pathway, from the first match between parties throughout the journey and delivery. Communication is one of the important skills she needs to manage during the months. Every part of the process is separated from one another, but everything is interconnected, like in a puzzle. Anxiety, anticipation, timing, waiting, joy and happiness are just some of the emotions she has to balance with each patient she is working with.

Every story is different; every patient has their own reason why they’re here. Sometimes the IPs keep the surrogate updated. Sometimes not. I have to work and make sure that everything is going well, for all the parties involved in the process.”

I asked Sonia, what is it that she loves most about her job, she replied: “My favorite part is when the Intended Parents get the news they are having a baby”.