ANPIA’s Interview – Associazione Nazionale Italiana di Antropologia

I would like to thank ANPIA – Associazione Nazionale Professionale Italiana di Antropologia – for the interview they created based on me.

ANPIA is a newborn association that deals with the enhancement of the professional figure of anthropologists.

It is not always easy to explain what anthropology is and what anthropologists do. As this situation is a cross cultural condition. In general, the most part of the anthropologists work within Universities, conducting research on different aspects of human life. The ones who work outside of the Academy, are often involved in another job, not directly related to being an anthropologist. Also with different nuanced degrees of recognition, in most of the contemporary societies, it is not easy to find a job being an anthropologist.

ANPIA’s rubric “Non di dinosauri, non di stelle …ma” (translation: “Not about dinosaur, not about stars…but”) collects all the experience of the anthropologists involved in jobs outside of the Academy.

My interview inaugurates this rubric, and I am honored to be apart of it.