An interview with Quiana, Clinical Nurse Coordinator at WFI

Quiana works in the field of Women Health since 2005. She started in an OBG Clinic in where she gained a lot of knowledge regarding the fertility industry.

Quiana is a Clinical Nurse Coordinator at Western Fertility Institute.

I found it interesting and quite amazing what female bodies can do. It is a life outside of the body, it is like something between nature.”

Quiana works with egg donors, surrogates and people with different fertility issues. I asked her to describe her work with the 3rd parties. She follows egg donors and surrogates during the first part of the process, educating these women about the medication they have to take.









Most of the women I speak with are educated. They want to know, they ask a lot of questions. I explain to them the medications and I ensure they are taking it on time.

Quiana explained to me the egg donation process. The ovarian stimulation takes from 7 to 10 days, sometimes much longer, it depends on the cases. When the injection starts, the donors are followed during the journey. On the 3rd day, 5th, 7th and 9th day, the blood test and the ultrasound occur to evaluate their response to the medication.

Every person has a different response. We make sure they are followed and there is no a hyper stimulation”.

On the 10th day, there is the trigger shot and 36 hours later the egg retrieval takes place. At that point, the egg donors are followed by medical assistants (for example, like Leslie).
Quiana also follows the surrogates. For gestational carriers, the process is longer because they have to prepare their uterus for the embryo transfer. As Quiana said:

The line of the uterus needs to be around 7mm. There are 3 weeks of medication and during the 4th week, the transfer occurs. We follow them until the 10th week of their pregnancy”.

The critical part of her work, as she said, is when the IVF doesn’t work, because she knows all the efforts that the people involved in these pathways went through. However, at the same time, she loves when she hears about the outcome of a new baby.
I asked Quiana her favorite part of the job and she mentioned, it is when the patients come back to visit the clinic.

Because also if they are the one that made everything, they show us a lot of gratitude and appreciation for the help we gave them”.